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Risk of Exposure

/Title of Work/ "Risk of Exposure"
/Medium/ Interactive Installation
/Date/ 2004/2005

Read the LA Times article.

"Risk of Exposure" investigates ideas of trust, exchange, exposure and concealment through the use of secrets. I want to test the limits of our faith and trust, our willingness to exchange and connect, our need for concealment versus our need for revelation. How could our world be different if we had more faith, if we were willing to risk negotiation and exposure? Why do we choose to keep certain facts, experiences, and events concealed from others or private even from ourselves. How does the interplay of risk and reward, or risk and regret, impact us, our relationships, our politics, our world? Can a process of negotiation create a willingness to risk and to trust, or will one still hold too much power over the other? Risking trust can be simultaneously thrilling and dangerous, a rush akin to stepping off a cliff and not knowing how far we will fall. Or does our lack of trust cause us to value protection over everything else, and force us to retreat to a safe distance?

"Risk of Exposure" is an interactive installation which involves the direct participant-to-artist exchange of secrets. A number of my secrets are written in individual handmade books, and a Catalog of Secrets lists them. Participants select one of my secrets from the Catalog. But in order for a participant to read one of my secrets, we must negotiate an exchange of secrets - one of their secrets for one of mine. The participant writes their secret in a small individual book, and decides if it will be kept private just between ourselves, or if it will be placed on a shelf, in public view, so other visitors can view it (although of course it remains anonymous).

Secrets Catalog

Participants reading Catalog to select a secret to read

Participant and Artist negotiating the exchange of secrets

A Secrets book

Participant writing their own secret

Secrets from Participants, that they chose to share with other visitors to the gallery

Exhibition History:

2005 - Risk of Exposure (Solo Show) - South La Brea Gallery, Inglewood, CA
2004 - CalArts MFA1 Solo Show - California Insitute of the Arts, Valencia, CA