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Hello // Performance & Video/Sound Installation

/Title of Work/ "Hello"
/Medium/ Interactive Performance & Video/Sound Installation
/Date/ 2005

"Hello" engages public space, and seeks to push at the boundaries that we all put up when we are in public. In urban areas in particular, we seem to place a protective barrier around ourselves to prevent/inhibit engagement with our fellow city-dwellers. Ipods, sunglasses, a simple scowl all serve to keep others at a distance. This project seeks to disrupt that distance.

Within the boundaries of a given neighborhood, I take a simple walk. I am equipped with sound recording equipment and a video camera (all hidden from view) to record what happens. These audio and video recordings are used to create an installation.

As I walk, I simply say "Hello" to every person who I pass. The response from each person will affect the direction and speed of my walk. For example, if someone responds to my greeting by saying "Hello" back, then I may cross the street, or pause in my walk for a few moments. Or, for example, if there is no response from the other person, then my direction and speed will remain unchanged. Ideally this is done for approximately 30 to 45 minutes, on several different days and times to best capture the varied nature of the neighborhood.

An additional aspect of the piece is a group walk through the area, similar to my solo walks. As we walk as a group through the area, we will each, individually, say hello to each person we pass. We will walk spread out over the space of a block, close enough to see and hear the participant ahead and behind, but not grouped so closely as to look like a "group". Imagine the effect, both visually and aurally, as a person walks past a number of participants over the course of a block, each one in turn saying "Hello"!

Exhibition History:

2005 - Soundwalk - Koo's, Long Beach, CA
2005 - Glowlab: Open Lab - Art Interactive, Boston, MA