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Four Letter Words // Performance

all photos by Laura DeRoca

The performance is simple: people are invited to write a favorite four letter word on me, in exchange for me being allowed to write a four letter word on them. By the end of the evening, my body carries evidence of a gesture of creative exchange between many different people... and many different people have their own small piece of that creative gesture which will disperse throughout the club, and later into the city. The word they have on their skin will be a reminder of their participation; Four Letter Words will continue to exist throughout the city for as long as it takes each word to fade from each participant's skin...

Participants may write any four letter word they want. There are no restrictions on content. However, they are limited to where they can write the words - any visible skin other than my face.

After they write their word on me, it's my turn. I write the same word they wrote on me. I use their same word, rather than a different one, as a way to reflect back to them the idea that whatever you give, is what you will also receive.

While the participants can write anywhere on me, I choose the same spot to write on all participants. I write their word on the inside of their right wrist. This spot echoes a tattoo I have on my own wrist, of my favorite four letter word: "dive". I like the idea of many people in the same location with various words written on them, all in the same spot on their bodies, forming a loose mesh of symmetry across everyone who participated...

all photos by Laura DeRoca