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Participate: Calamity Calendar

21 Apocalypses

What is this about?

In conjunction with my upcoming solo show, "Said Too Much But Not Enough", I am inviting you to participate in a project of mine. I am creating a "Calamity Calendar" for print publication, and also an online version (which will likely launch after the show opens).

Calamity is defined as "A state or time of distress or misfortune; misery" or "An event that brings terrible loss, lasting distress, or severe affliction; a disaster" or "Dire distress resulting from loss or tragedy". It can be public or private, affecting many or just an individual.

I am interested in those small, and large, events that impact our lives, that change us, that leave us different. The effects can be small, or large, or simple and mundane.

How do I participate?

Please submit the calamities, disasters, and misfortunes that have happened to you personally. Divorces, death, illness, loss of love/job/relative/lover/friend/pet, accidents, natural disasters, and whatever else you consider calamitous in your life.

I'm not here to judge your calamity, or to deem it "worthy" or not. Frankly, when the shit hits the fan in your life, it doesn't matter what other people think! That said, keep your submissions in the spirit of the project, okay? Loss of your favorite pair of flip-flops probably won't make it into the calendar, despite the sting of the loss to your sartorial style.

What about my privacy?

Your name WILL NOT BE IDENTIFIED WITH YOUR CALAMITY. No worries, your privacy is protected. I only as for your name so that I may credit your contribution. If you prefer to not identify yourself, that is fine.

How can I share this project with others?

Please feel free to spread the word about this project, and ask people you know to submit.

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Thank you so much!

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