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buy me

buy me (first in a series) // Single Channel Film

/Title of Work/ "buy me (first in a series)"
/Medium/ Single Channel Video
/Format/ Digital Video and Hand-processed Super 8, Sound
/Length/ 4:18
/Date/ July 2002

The film "buy me (first in a series)" appropriates television commercials selling mundane products and transforms them into intensive visions of abstraction and beauty, thwarting the consumerist imperatives inherent in the source.

The film seizes slick commercial images and uses them as raw basis for a filmmaking process that rips them from their consumerist-happy-shiny moorings. The film transforms them into deeply abstracted visual and aural gestures - grainy, generations removed, refilmed on Super 8, hand-processed, videotaped off television screens, processed, filtered, manipulated until the fine sheen of the advertising agency is sandblasted away. The film removes the commercials from their original purpose of inspiring a consumer act and brings them to a place where they inspire thought, reaction, reverie, or simple appreciation of a beautiful image that no longer has the power to sell. "buy me (first in a series)" upends the corporations' and ad agencies' desire to get us to consume - indeed we ARE consuming the images and sounds they created - but not in the way they wanted us to consume them.

In "buy me (first in a series)", the corporations' commercial expression has been appropriated to create a different type of expression - their high-cost imagery and sound has been stolen to create a small low level object of beauty, an expression that may cause us to think or question, or at a minimum will free us from the bombardment of the consumerist agenda, even if for just 30 seconds.

stills: D. Jean Hester


D. Jean Hester - Director, Camera, Editing, Sound, Hand-Processing

Group Exhibitions:

2004/2005 - A New Order - Montserrat Gallery, Montserrat College of Art, Beverly, MA
2003 - Illegal Art: Freedom of Expression in the Corporate Age - Nexus Gallery, Philadelphia, PC
2003 - Illegal Art: Freedom of Expression in the Corporate Age - SFMOMA Artist's Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2003 - Illegal Art: Freedom of Expression in the Corporate Age - Resource Center for Activism & Arts, Washington, DC
Website for the Illegal Art: Freedom of Expression in the Corporate Age touring exhibit - sponsored by Stay Free! magazine.

Screenings and Festivals:

2003 - ULTRA: 2nd Annual Arts & Film/Video Festival - Seattle, WA
2003 - LAX: Los Angeles Experimental Film - Los Angeles, CA
2003 - Silver Lake Film Festival Los Angeles, CA
2003 - Illegal Art Screening - Roxie Cinema, San Francisco, CA
2003 - Lost Film Festival - Philadelphia, PA
2003 - Illegal Art Screening - River Gods, Boston, MA
2003 - Rhythm From The Wreckage - ATA, San Francisco, CA
2003 - Illegal Art Screening - In these Times, Chicago, IL
2002 - Illegal Art Screening - Anthology Film Archives, New York, NY
2002 - Brooklyn Underground Film Festival - Brooklyn, NY

Articles and Reviews:

"When The Lines Blur", Cate McQuaid, The Boston Globe, January 7, 2005
"Something Borrowed, Something New", Brigid Alverson, North Shore Sunday (Boston, MA), December 5, 2004
"Illegal Art: Freedom of Expression in the Corporate Age", Limited Edition DVD Compilation, 2003, Stay Free Magazine
"Illegal Art Exhibit", Carrie McLaren, Stay Free Magazine: Copyright Issue/No. 20, Fall 2002