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// 09.05.03 // "Hopscotch" @ SOUNDSCAPE 2003

My interactive installation "Hopscotch" will be part of SOUNDSCAPE 2003 on September 5 at SCI-Arc in downtown Los Angeles. The Hopscotch Girls will be hopscotching from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM. After that, you're on your own...

Here's the official Press Release from the organizers:

Architecture + Art + Sound:
Interlacing the fabric of Los Angeles' cultural front-lines. SOUNDSCAPE is where the focus of this phenomenon is expressed by an ensemble of artisans.

The Sound of an eclectic, invigorating, innovative band of disc jockeys from Moontribe Collective. Each DJ carries his own style, from the funkiest house to the hardest trance to the smoothest rare groove. A polyphonic gathering of electronic, experimental, and late night excursions with DJ Sandcastle at the decks of the very best deep and soulful house music. Joined by the brainchild of James Lumb, Electric Skychurch...

SCI_Arc Gallery presents:
Vertical Urbanism: lo_res / hi_rise by KOL/MAC studio.
The Art of downtown's avant-garde JC Jaress (interactive video art), Lisa Yu (video art), D. Jean Hester (interactive installation), Erik (ready made), and Damir Polic (paintings).

All in the grand Architecture of the Southern California Institute of Architecture, an independent, degree-granting educational laboratory, which tests the limits of architecture in order to transform existing conditions into the designs of the future.

SCI-Arc's 500 students and 80 faculty members work together in downtown Los Angeles in a one-quarter-mile-long railroad freight building.

Today the school's open-ended questioning spirit quickly responds to shifts in society, technology, and culture, producing a constantly-evolving curriculum. The overlap of practice and teaching creates an environment where knowledge and skills are shared. Students and faculty members work together in a fluid, nonhierarchical manner, reexamining assumptions, and exploring and testing new ideas. The critical practice that emerges derives from an emphasis on process; a synthesis of thinking, analysis, and making.

We invite to celebrate with us the most beautiful fusion downtown LA and SCI_Arc has created, with 3 different performance and bar areas.

Location: SCI_Arc -- 960 East 3rd street LA 90013
Time: 9pm till...?

Tickets and More Information: