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 Josh Heilaman   
Cultural Stimuli in LA
Issue 224: hoosegow flavor

Paris may be in prison, but that's no reason for the rest of us to stay behind bars — after all, an hour in the exercise yard ain't nearly enough for law-abiding citizens. This week, LA celebrates the outdoors and out of bounds as the Downtown Art Walk sends Angelenos sashaying down the sidewalks; Cinespia, the city's best (and only) outdoor film series held in a historic cemetery, fêtes the iconic authority-baiting of Rebel Without a Cause; and Stones Throw paterfamilias Peanut Butter Wolf takes advantage of urban sprawl in a seven-day, seven-venue tour of the town. Elsewhere, battle emcee/hip-hop activist Sage Francis returns, brandishing spoken-word weapons in a bid to liberate minds and mojos; Headless follows an emotionally damaged youth who joins a traveling carnival in an ill-fated, pyrotechnic bid to outrun his demons; and new online literary service Bookshorts.com helps rein in that summer reading list. No hoosegow can contain the mind, so get out there, and spread it.

- Shana Nys Dambrot, Managing Editor


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Eagle vs Shark, in theaters Friday, June 15th

"A truly inventive and totally wacky tale of love." — Pete Hammond, Maxim. Are you an eagle or a shark? Come take the quiz and find out. Plus, check out awesome downloads, a killer eCard, and more.
 Table of Contents TUE   WED   THUR   FRI   SAT   SUN   MON   ONG   FEAT
art Downtown Art Walk; D. Jean Hester & Micol Hebron; Sea No Evil; Jane Gotts and Ron Velasco: Twisted Portrait; Joyce Campbell: LA Botanical; Psychobotany
dj Peanut Butter Wolf vs LA
film Rebel Without a Cause; David Axelrod Live at Royal Festival Hall; Dance Camera West: Pina Bausch on Screen
music The Long Blondes; Calvin Johnson; The Noisettes; Keren Ann; Datarock; Brazilian Summer Festival; Scissors for Lefty; Sage Francis; Lifesavas; Lavender Diamond
party From LA with Love Album Release Party
performanceAnn Magnuson
photography Austin Young: God Save the Queen; David Newsom: 3 Miles of Idaho
readingJoe Matt: Spent
theatre Headless
FEAT because the book is always better BookShorts.com; cd review Lil' Wayne, Da Drought 3; streams Warp Records Films

Love from LA
As though you needed proof that LA is a primary source of all that is good in global culture, ArtDontSleep presents From LA with Love, a compendium of freshly minted art and song from local indie visionaries. The release of the compilation and accompanying artwork is celebrated this week with an explosive, high-minded hootenanny at A+D.

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Tuesday TUE   WED   THUR   FRI   SAT   SUN   MON   ONG   FEAT

Peanut Butter Wolf vs LA

when: Now through Sat 6.16 (schedule)
where: Various locations
price: Various
links: Event Info | Peanut Butter Wolf

Fresh off an epic record reorganization, Stones Throw impresario Peanut Butter Wolf spends tonight touting ironic '90s cuts at Cinespace as part of his seven-day, seven-venue DJ assault. He goes on to conquer hump day at Dub Club, appearing at the Wednesday night Echoplex event with a slew of rare '70s dub and roots reggae tunes in tow. In Thursday night's Little Temple appearance, he showers the club with a series of '80s hip-hop tunes taken directly from 45s. On Friday, he bumps Afro-Latin and disco tunes at Grand Star's Firecracker party, and the week-long party culminates on Saturday in an evening of psychedelics, sexual implications, and deep '60s funk at Funky Sole. (HF)


MUSIC: Soul/Hip-Hop
Tue 6.12 (9pm) The Roxy Theatre (9009 Sunset Blvd, W Hollywood, 310.278.9457) map $13

Event Info
Fly Northwest collaborators and Quannum family members Lifesavas' sophomore album, Gutterfly, offers a homage to the sounds of blaxploitation with funky horn samples, organ riffs, heavy bass lines, and pert, flowing lyrics. Tonight, the boys (Vursatyl and MC Jumbo) drop their soul/hip-hop mesh on the masses as part of the Gutterfly Urban Legend Tour. (MG)

  In what year was the "Five Flavor" Life Saver roll introduced? The first randomly drawn correct response receives a pair of tickets to this show. Entries close at 6pm on Tue 6.12.

Wednesday TUE   WED   THUR   FRI   SAT   SUN   MON   ONG   FEAT

MUSIC: New Wavey Gravy
Datarock w/ 8-bit

when: Wed 6.13 (8pm)
where: The Troubadour (9081 Santa Monica Blvd, W Hollywood, 310.276.6168) map
price: $15 / $13 advance
links: Event Info | Datarock | 8-bit

Listening to Datarock is like wearing bright-white, faux-ostrich loafers — improbably awesome. The Norwegian duo's new wavey, laptop-driven jams bump with the kind of vintage dance beats, glitzy synth lines, and stripped-down, soulful guitar noodles that ratchet dirty dancing into high gear. In this way, they take lessons from modern dance-punk, whirling psychedelia, hip-hop, and old-school electronic oddities like Devo. Live, they don matching track suits — an appropriate accoutrement to their non-stop bouncing. The band hits town tonight alongside the obscene indie rapadelics of Highland Park blip-bleepers 8-bit. (AP/SN)


MUSIC: CD Release Party
Scissors for Lefty
Wed 6.13 (8pm) Knitting Factory (7021 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, 323.463.0204) map $14

Event Info
Living the dream of every American who spent his formative years jamming to the Beatles in borrowed garages, SF-based quintet Scissors for Lefty play a purist, music-nerd brand of pop rock that's as much a hit with international audiences as it is with hard-to-please critics. (SND)

  Ned Flanders first opened the Leftorium in which season of The Simpsons? Three randomly drawn correct responses each receive a pair of tickets to this show. Entries close at 6pm on Tue 6.12.

Thursday TUE   WED   THUR   FRI   SAT   SUN   MON   ONG   FEAT

Downtown Art Walk

when: Thur 6.14 (12-9pm)
where: Various downtown galleries map
links: Event Info

As always, the first stop on Downtown's monthly Art Walk is perennial highlight Bert Green Fine Art. This time around, the gallery offers three concurrent solo shows with art by Elizabeth Tobias, Devon Paulson, and Joel Hoyer. Hoyer's mixed-media creations combine low-tech abstract compositions with glittery, ironical gold leaf. Paulson's paintings, meanwhile, incorporate portraiture, architectural motifs, ghostly clip-art, and richly textured atmospheric settings. For her part, Tobias presents a series of mounted cibachromes depicting the sound waves generated by her own voice during meditation. Once you've made your way through Bert Green, grab a map and get moving: you've got 28 other galleries to get to. (SND)

MUSIC: Indie Rock
Calvin Johnson w/ Julie Doiron

when: Thur 6.14 (9pm)
where: The Smell (247 S Main St, 213.625.4325) map
price: $7
links: Event Info | Calvin Johnson | Julie Doiron

In the holy writs of do-it-yourself dogma, Calvin Johnson's name sits proudly next to DIY-music diehards like Ian MacKaye, Steve Albini, and Greg Ginn. Though Johnson started as a no-name intern at his local Olympia, WA, radio station, he went on to found staunchly independent K Records, cut lo-fi classics as a driving force in Beat Happening, and produce records for cred-bearing breakthrough artists like Beck and Kurt Cobain. Tonight, he plays solo — his sonorous baritone underscored by acoustic guitar. Julie Doiron of Canadian cult indie rockers Eric's Trip opens with a set of avant-folk-tinged frolics. (DRC)


Ann Magnuson
Thur 6.14 (8pm) UCLA Hammer Museum (10899 Wilshire Blvd, 310.443.7000) map

Event Info
Ex-East Village artist and Paper magazine columnist Ann Magnuson takes a break from writing about life in Silverlake, teaming with talented musical director Kristian Hoffman and A/V impressionist Matt Amato for a UCLA staging of her oft-resurrected show Pretty Songs & Ugly Stories. (JH)

Friday TUE   WED   THUR   FRI   SAT   SUN   MON   ONG   FEAT

ART: Opening
D. Jean Hester: You Better Watch What You Say & Micol Hebron: Pas de Deux

when: Fri 6.15 (7-10pm)
where: South La Brea Gallery (208 S La Brea Ave, Inglewood) map
links: Event Info

Although technically two distinct solo shows, this pair of concurrent installations is better taken in tandem. Reminding us that You Better Watch What You Say, D. Jean Hester's large-scale drawings and installation use empty spaces and isolated symbols of communication to express the awkwardness of human interaction. The couple sharing a meal in Micol Hebron's two-channel video installation, Pas de Deux, doesn't even try to communicate — instead sublimating their tension and frustration into the mechanized rituals of public eating. Despite the work's lack of idealization, it's tempting to view it as a metaphor for stymied creativity. (SND)

Note: This exhibition remains on display through Sat 7.14 (Fri & Sat: 11am-5pm).

MUSIC: Neo-Garage
The Noisettes w/ the Maccabees and the Pity Party

when: Fri 6.15 (8:30pm)
where: The Troubadour (9081 Santa Monica Blvd, W Hollywood, 310.276.6168) map
price: $12
links: Event Info | The Noisettes | The Maccabees | The Pity Party

Touting an unconventional mix of blues, rock, punk, and giddy British gloss, the Noisettes are like a rabid Tasmanian devil — easily taken to spinning thick clouds of constructive chaos. Hot off a stint opening for neo-garage semi-gods Bloc Party, the band steps up the pulse-pushing power-pop tonight in a set of floor-shaking rockers. Fellow UK natives the Maccabees support, bringing a charming energy to sharp guitar melodies and a cheery, art-rock edge. Softening things up to start, minimalist LA avant-indiekins the Pity Party get things started with haunting vocals and sparse electro/acoustic experiments. (AP/MSS)

MUSIC: Indie Rock
The Long Blondes

when: Fri 6.15 (9pm)
where: The Echo (1822 Sunset Blvd, Echo Park, 213.413.8200) map
price: $12
links: Event Info | The Long Blondes

The Long Blondes may have taken some musical cues (and part of their moniker) from Blondie, but the Sheffield, UK, new wavers have plenty of their own wit and edge to spare. After an interminable wait, the quintet has finally released Someone to Drive You Home stateside. While the band's lyrics boast a self-important, nearly flippant swagger (with admonishing tunes like "Once and Never Again"), it tempers each with classic, saccharine girl-group vocal references, Pulp-y storytelling, and dark, post-punk-inflected guitar lines. (LT)


Joe Matt: Spent
Fri 6.15 (7:30pm) Skylight Books (1818 N Vermont Ave, 323.660.1175) map

Event Info
Inspiring comparisons to Charles Bukowski, Robert Crumb, and Harvey Pekar, Joe Matt's autobiographical comics powerfully illuminate the grim, pitiful realities of life as an awkward, porn-obsessed resident of Los Feliz. Matt appears in all his brazen, bitter glory tonight to celebrate his new book, Spent. (DRC)

MUSIC: Hip-Hop
Sage Francis
Fri 6.15 (9pm) Henry Fonda Theatre (6126 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, 323.464.0808) $18

Event Info
Fearless battle emcee and one-man compendium of raucous, righteously indignant gangsta-free hip-hop, Sage Francis rattles the political cage (and the beat-laden stage) tonight in support of his new album, Human the Death Dance. (SND)

  Which actress did Sage Francis ask fans to vote for in PETA's 2006 "Sexiest Vegetarian" competition? Four randomly drawn correct responses each receive a pair of tickets to this show. Entries close at 6pm on Tue 6.12.

Saturday TUE   WED   THUR   FRI   SAT   SUN   MON   ONG   FEAT

Austin Young: God Save the Queen

when: Sat 6.16 (7-10pm)
where: Art Murmur Gallery (129 E 6th St, Downtown, 213.623.2332) map
links: Event Info

Influenced at an early age by The Rocky Horror Picture Show, artist Austin Young uses the camera to explore the hidden dimensions of personality. Mixing pop culture with punk rock, his photos of drag superstars, androgynes, and transsexuals explode with color, evoking a feminine glamour tinged with whimsy. God Save the Queen features images of Lady Bunny, James St. James, Jeffree Star, and Dame Edna, as well as recent video works Baby Got Front and Strange Fruit. In tonight's opening, choreographer/designer Sir Heffington performs a "sort of moving sculpture" entitled Drag with members of Fingered Dangers. (JF)

Note: This exhibition remains on display through Sat 7.28 (Wed-Sat: 12-6pm).

From LA with Love Album Release Party

when: Sat 6.16 (7pm-2am)
where: A+D Museum (5900 Wilshire Blvd, 323.932.9393) map
price: $10
links: Event Info | A+D Museum

Andrew Lojero's ArtDontSleep underground multimedia parties are a driving force in the recent, seemingly magical collusion of LA's art and music scenes. Tonight's release soiree celebrates his new project, the superlative, sophisticated, and timely From LA with Love compilation — a hefty CD of previously unreleased music from artists like DJ Nobody, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Gaslamp Killer, Carlos Nino, and a dozen other homegrown visionaries. The music is plenty rich, but Lojero goes further, turning the liner notes into a compelling micro-exhibition of original work by a slate of visual artists tapped to interpret the tracks. Take that, iTunes. (SND)

  Which modern painter claimed to have a form of synesthesia that allowed him to see sound and hear color? Four randomly drawn correct responses each receive a pair of tickets to this show. Entries close at 6pm on Tue 6.12.

Rebel Without a Cause (1955)

when: Sat 6.16 (7:30pm)
where: Hollywood Forever Cemetery (6000 Santa Monica Blvd, 323.469.1181) map
price: $10 (suggested donation)
links: Event Info

A trailblazing tale of '50s teen rebellion, frustration, and soul searching, James Dean-driven classic Rebel Without a Cause is almost as much a cultural icon as its star. Playing in the shadow of Dean's rebellious chic, a young Natalie Wood shines with promise, as Sal Mineo steals the screen in his turn as tragic tagalong Plato. The ultimately unnerving tale of a new cool kid who shakes up the school gains even greater resonance tonight as it screens at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery — no, it's not the Griffith Observatory, but it is home to many a departed Hollywood star. (MSS)

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Sat 6.16 & Sun 6.17 (12-5pm) Machine Project (1200 D N Alvarado St, 213.483.8761) map

Event Info
In this special two-day event, writer/herbalist Molly Frances and the Center for Tactical Magic uncover the mystery of plants' uncanny ability to heal, arouse, impart knowledge, and even express their neediness. (MP)

ART: Benefit
Sea No Evil Auction
Sat 6.16 (6:30pm) Monster Media, Inc. (1515 Marlborough, Riverside Ave, 951.684.3111) map

Event Info
For decades, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and its founder, Paul Watson, have worked to eradicate outlawed whaling practices across the globe. In the same spirit, tonight's benefit art show donates 100% of the proceeds to the foundation's initiatives. (LeK)

Dance Camera West: Pina Bausch on Screen
Sat 6.16 (7pm) UCLA Hammer Museum (10899 Wilshire Blvd, 310.443.7000) map

Event Info
Known around town as the premier purveyor of eclectic and inspired dance-on-film programs, the Dance Camera West Film Festival takes things up a notch tonight, presenting a series that focuses on the career of modern pioneer Pina Bausch. (LeK)

ART: Opening
Jane Gotts and Ron Velasco: Twisted Portrait
Sat 6.16 (7-10:30pm) Black Maria Gallery (3137 Glendale Blvd, Atwater Village, 323.660.9393) map

Event Info
While portraiture often evokes stiff poses and stagnant feelings — invisible walls around hidden personas — Jane Gotts and Ron Velasco's Twisted Portrait adds a modern psychological layer to the time-honored art form. (MSS)

Note: This exhibition remains on display through Sun 7.15 (Tue-Sun: 12-6pm).

Lavender Diamond w/ the Winter Flowers
Sat 6.16 (9:15pm) The Troubadour (9081 Santa Monica Blvd, W Hollywood, 310.276.6168) map $12 / $10 advance

Event Info
Lavender Diamond leader Becky Stark knows a thing or two about vulnerability: the classically trained soprano switched her chords to indie, pop, and country-infused folk after being told that her ribcage was too small for the opera. Her group is joined tonight by fellow folkies the Winter Flowers and Anders & Woods. (JH)

Sunday TUE   WED   THUR   FRI   SAT   SUN   MON   ONG   FEAT

MUSIC: Indie Pop
Keren Ann

when: Sun 6.17 (10pm)
where: The Troubadour (9081 Santa Monica Blvd, W Hollywood, 310.276.6168) map
price: $15
links: Event Info | Keren Ann

The sultry sounds of chanteuse Keren Ann evoke a Mazzy Star-like vision of two weary worlds, mimicking the aching exhaustion of cities like Paris and Manhattan. The French singer/songwriter's fifth, self-titled album, follows on the surreptitious sounds of her internationally lauded last record, Nolita, with indie folk and country jazz that's a testament to a life lived in transit. She hits the Troubadour tonight alongside singer/songwriter Jason Hart — an up-and-coming artist who's recently pounded the pavement with big boys like Rufus Wainwright and Antony and the Johnsons. (JH)


David Newsom: 3 Miles of Idaho
Sun 6.17 (5-9pm) DCA Fine Art (3107 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, 310.396.8565) map

Event Info
In David Newsom's 3 Miles of Idaho, the artist presents a series of staggeringly beautiful large-scale prints culled from Skip, his recent literary testament to the tenacity of his disabled brother and the redemptive power of small-town Idaho's natural beauty. (CG)

MUSIC: Samba
Brazilian Summer Festival feat. Grupo Fundo de Quintal
Sun 6.17 (7pm) The Ford Theater (2580 E Cahuenga Blvd, Hollywood, 323.461.3673) map $35-45

Event Info
In this year's Brazilian Summer Festival, one of the country's best samba bands, Fundo de Quintal, fills the Ford's outdoor music stage with the rhythms of Rio de Janeiro, as Afro-samba dancers strut their stuff, picnickers picnic, DJs groove, and the artfully inclined browse a selection of Brazilian crafts. (PXC)

Monday TUE   WED   THUR   FRI   SAT   SUN   MON   ONG   FEAT

David Axelrod Live at Royal Festival Hall feat. J. Rocc

when: Mon 6.18 (7:30pm)
where: Egyptian Theatre (6712 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, 323.466.FILM) map
price: $15
links: Event Info

Once an inescapable icon, producer/composer David Axelrod has been largely absent since his '70s heyday. Luckily, artists like DJ Shadow and Lauryn Hill have begun to inspire a new appreciation for the epic, sweeping sounds Axelrod perfected on productions for artists like Lou Rawls and the Electric Prunes. Tonight's premiere screening of a rare 2004 performance at London's Royal Festival Hall offers a chance to become intimate with Axelrod's work in a way that all-too-few young folks have. The man himself appears for a discussion following the film, and hardcore Axelrod fan J. Rocc (of the World Famous Beat Junkies) follows with a tribute DJ set. (EJL)

  If Axl Rose and Rod Stewart both entered a battle of the banshee screams, who would win and why? The two most ear-piercing responses in 50 words or less each receive a pair of tickets to this show. Entries close at 6pm on Tue 6.12.

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Ongoing / Upcoming TUE   WED   THUR   FRI   SAT   SUN   MON   ONG   FEAT


when: Now through Sun 6.24 (Thur-Sat: 8pm / Sun: 3pm)
where: Electric Lodge (1416 Electric Ave, Venice, 310.306.1854) map
price: $20-25
links: Event Info | Electric Lodge

A story of betrayal, madness, and sexual hang-ups in the topsy-turvy world of a Depression-era carnival, Headless is as dynamic and discombobulating as it gets. The show works archetypal misfit runaways, precocious children, gruff and cynical professional freaks, plenty of fakery, and fiercely guarded mysteries into off-beat dialogue (e.g. "Just because you have sex with someone doesn't mean you're going to murder them, does it?"). And while the second act shoots for surreal but ends up just plain strange (think Cirque du Soleil mashed with As I Lay Dying), the production can still claim absolute originality and an unquestionably fearless aesthetic. (SND)

  If you lost your head, how would you find it? The two most eye-popping responses in 50 words or less each receive a pair of tickets to this show. Entries close at 6pm on Tue 6.12.


ART: Opening
Joyce Campbell: LA Botanical
Now through Sat 6.23 (Thur & Sat: 12-6pm) Gallery 727 (727 S Spring St, Downtown, 213.627.9563) map

Event Info
Joyce Campbell has undertaken the ambitious task of photographing all the plants that grow in Los Angeles for which there is a documented use. Using the antique process of the ambrotype, Campbell's plant portraits are foreboding in their ephemerality. (KB)

Features TUE   WED   THUR   FRI   SAT   SUN   MON   ONG   FEAT


Video killed the radio star, but books are taking a serious beating from television, movies, video games, and the Internet. To rein you back into reading, BookShorts.com has married the dwindling attention spans of the MySpace generation to the current trend of auteurs-as-ad-makers, partnering filmmakers with authors to produce adaptations as trailers. The self-contained shorts lampoon the tech-obsessed in Douglas Coupland's JPod; rally the motorized workers of Jason Christie's i-ROBOT for their "hour of emancipation"; and detail the initial aftermath of a more literal butt-kicking in an echoing LAX parking lot for Craig Davidson's upcoming novel, The Fighter. Featuring these and other three-to-five-minute mockumentaries, animated flicks, and author interviews, BookShorts' handy Biblioblog documents and adds the mini-movies as they come, and updates text-lovers on the publishing world's tentative venture into the digital world. (IB)


  CD REVIEW: Lil' Wayne, Da Drought 3  

Young Money Entertainment
Released May 2007
$13.99 (Ari's Mixtapes)

When Lil' Wayne claims to be the best rapper alive, he's not bragging — but he may not mean what you think he means. As on his earlier mixtape classics, Dedication 2 and Lil' Weezyana, he lets his mutable, guttural flow do the heavy lifting, cannibalizing dozens of Top 40 beats. His verbal abstractions effortlessly shift gears from marble-mouthed drawl and look-no-hands freestyles to monosyllabic barks and ecstatic gurgles. All these vocal tics serve to jump-start dense, absurd imagery; he's liable to switch subjects from Gremlins to the reconstruction of New Orleans in a few breathless bars. Yet wrapped in such dazzling sonics, even the most brainy rhymes strike at the gut level. After a two-disc barrage of this, you're more likely than ever to agree with Wayne's boasts. (TW)


  STREAMS: Warp Records Films  

While YouTube is perhaps best known for playful, user-generated content and copyright infringement, it also serves as a platform for traditional content-providers to disseminate video content. Groundbreaking electronic label Warp Records — home to esteemed acts such as Boards of Canada, Autechre, Aphex Twin, and, most recently, bands like Battles and Grizzly Bear — has recently embraced the technology, creating a custom YouTube site centered around a special video section. Tune in for live artist performances, videos from the likes of Clark and !!!, and a particularly engaging interview with Squarepusher. Also, be sure to pay close attention to Battles' drummer, John Stanier, as he beats skins live: the rest of the band is talented, but he's jaw-droppingly good. (CJN)


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