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My interests and tastes tend to run toward: art as experience, participatory art, performativity, interactivity, video art, plain old low-tech drawing, speech and action (thanks Arendt, Butler, and Habermas), open source, copyright and issues of fair use, appropriation, psychogeography, relational aesthetics, the internet as an alternative medium, programming, critical and cultural theory, and a lot of other things which can lead a person to use a lot of art-jargon.

Organizations Doing Great And/Or Interesting Things:
Free Networks
Creative Commons
Echo Park Film Center
Stay Free Magazine
Internet Archives
California Institute of the Arts (CalArts)
Side Street Projects
American Cinematheque
Interactivist Info Exchange
CalArts' Center for Integrated Media
Center for Cultural Innovation (CCI)
Getting Your Sh*t Together: Business for Artists

Artists & Projects & Art Spaces:
Adam Overton
Rise Industries: Michele Jaquis and Jeremy Quinn
Akira Rabelais
Josh Russell
Louisa Van Leer
Juanita Meneses
Julia Brown
John Hogan
Sal Randolph's Opsound.org
Psy.Geo.Conflux 2004
Christina Ray - Glowlab
Julie Orser
Bari Ziperstein
Wendy Mason
CalArts 2006 Open Studios
CalArts 2005 Open Studios
Collisions & Pileups: CalArts 2006 MFA Graduate Exhibition
South La Brea Gallery
Los Angeles Art Association / Gallery 825

Art Resources:
The Situationist International
Theory of the Derive: Guy Debord
Fluxus Library
Sol Lewitt's Sentences on Conceptual Art
WPS1 Art Radio

Open Source Programming:
PHP: www.php.net
MySQL: www.mysql.org
Open Source Initiative: www.opensource.org
World Wide Web Consortium: www.w3.org
Apache Software Foundation: www.apache.org