Doug Goodwin
D. Jean Hester
Michele Jaquis
Liam Mooney
James Orsher
Albert Ortega
Adam Overton
Rise Industries (jeremy Quinn)
Louisa Van Leer

Doug Goodwin
Doug Goodwin is a recent escapee of corporate America where he acted in a wide range of capacities both creative and technical. He was a cofounder and Creative Director of, System Architect for dearly departed DModelserver/3DShare, and Chief Technology Officer for PlanetCAD, Inc. Projects under his direction have won notice from CADENCE magazine, SIGGRAPH, and NASA. Now the Technical Director for the Center for Integrated Media at the California Institute of the Arts, Goodwin brings his corporate and technical knowhow to many exciting and impractical projects. Goodwin's non-corporate work has been shown at Brandeis University, Reed College, and numerous venues in Los Angeles.

D. Jean Hester -
D. Jean Hester is an artist and curator living in Los Angeles, California. Hester wishes to involve users as active, thinking, engaged participant-collaborators in the creation of art. Her more recent work explores the nature of interactivity and audience/user participation. What happens when a work is no longer a stand-alone authored environment with a tightly controlled author-defined outcome? When the users themselves are contributing/collaborating through the use of interactivity? In this scenario the artist's intention is only part of the puzzle - the art does not exist until it is engaged. Without a user as a contributor, it is only a potentiality - not an actuality.
Her work has been shown in numerous exhibits, festivals, and screenings in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. She received her BFA in Cinema from the University of Southern California. She is currently pursuing her MFA in Art and Integrated Media at CalArts.

Michele Jaquis -
Michele Jaquis is an interdisciplinary artist who resides in Los Angeles, CA. In addition to her individual practice, she collaborates with her partner, Jeremy Quinn, under the name Rise Industries. She studied at Rhode Island School of Design (MFA), Hartford Art School (BFA) and Burren College of Art. She has had three solo exhibitions in Southern California and has participated in video screenings, performance events and group exhibitions across the US. Michele has also curated several video screenings and performance events in Los Angeles and New England. Currently, she is a lecturer at Otis College of Art and Design and UC Riverside and a videographer/editor at the Center for Autism and Related Disorders.

Liam Mooney -
Liam Mooney is a composer (and performer) of experimental music, designer of noisy sounds, and inventor of unwieldy musical instruments. Liam was born in the mountains of Virginia sometime in the twentieth century. He stayed for a number of decades in both the mountains and the century, but he moved to a different place and time to work a bit on his music.
Though his earliest compositions were computer-based, they made heavy use of unusual (and sometimes usual) acoustic sound sources, and Liam soon sought ways to use these sources directly, without computer intervention. These efforts resulted in the formation of such groups as the Styrofoam Orchestra and the Dropping-Things-on-the-Floor Ensemble.
Liam's work continues to focus on the sonic possibilities of everyday objects and on the physical properties of sound. Recent projects have involved popcorn, drinking straws, plastic bottles, soap, rubber bands, PVC pipes, dry ice, toy instruments, yogurt, balloons, drums, electric fans, foam, music boxes, and vacuum cleaners.

James Orsher
James Orsher enjoys performance art, obsessive, iterative processes, performing and composing experimental music and using intuition to subvert intuition. He is currently a Music Composition and Integrated Media MFA candidate at the California Institute of the Arts. In his free time he enjoys producing concerts, playing amplified cactus and cooking.

Albert Ortega -
Albert Ortega, a Los Angeles native, instrument builder, and sound situationist, considers his immediate surroundings as the primary energy in which to capture, blend, and release sound using environmental instruments / instrumental environments that are modified with each performance. His sound practice explores the tactile reconfigurations between his body, various sound producing objects, and other bodies which may happen to be within a space. For a full list of works visit -

Adam Overton -
Adam Overton is a performance artist, sound artist, composer and occasional curator from Atlanta, Georgia and currently lives in Los Angeles, California. His most recent work explores the body, the mind and the medium in performance through the use of biometric sensors and interactive sound software, as well as through body-based performance scores for instrumentalists.

Rise Industries (Jeremy Quinn) -
Rise Industries is an interdisciplinary forum for collaborative projects co-founded in 1999 by Jeremy Quinn and Michele Jaquis. Jeremy has produced projects alone and with other members and collaborators in Los Angeles, Boston and Providence under the Rise Industries name since its creation. He has shown work around the Los Angeles area, in San Francisco and on the east coast, and will be presenting his first solo show The Hollow Men in October 2005 at Gallery 825. In addition to his art practice and collaborations, he is a designer at Osborn in Glendale.

Louisa Van Leer
Louisa Van Leer comes to art by way of architecture. Newly transplanted to Los Angeles, the focal point of her work is the complexity of the Southern California landscape.