Interchange 2




"INTERCHANGE 2": An Evening of Interactive Performance & Installation

Music ~ Sound ~ Video ~ Installation featuring Audience Interactivity

Curated by D. Jean Hester

An evening of interactive music/sound/video performance and installations. This show challenges the notion that art and performance are things to be merely watched by an audience. Instead, the audience plays a vital role in the event. Each work engages the audience to interact, participate or contribute to the creation and experience of the art.

One thing is certain about the evening - this is not art and performance that expects the audience to stay on the other side of a gallery velvet rope.


Rise Industries (Jeremy Quinn & Michele Jaquis) // Performance
"Can You Get That?"
Rise Industries curates a bi-coastal sound performance. Pick up the phone.

Civyiu Kkliu // Performance
The action of the audience given a sufficiently open work - what "happens" when we are sitting there, what is done, what results from what we choose to do. Formalizing the vivid drifting thinking that takes place during sound work lllll, the audience's role in defining.

Adam Overton // Performance
"Beating.Blinking for Bass Drums and Breaths (2004)"
The body's subtle movements are translated into a series of sonic tableaux as performers use audience members' pulses and blinks to guide them through a percussive score.

David Kendall // Performance
"Looping Piece No. 3"
Looping Piece No. 3 is part of a series that examines the properties and nature of feedback and repetition. Sounds, audio processes, control, and personal action and interaction repeat and feed back upon themselves and each other. The resulting systems range from placid stability to wild unpredictably to possible complete failure. The interaction of these systems form the basis for the piece.

Liam Mooney // Performance
Liam Mooney will lead audience members in a performance of "Candles," a new (and perfectly safe) piece for tuned explosions. Liam is a composer whose work focuses on the sonic possibilities of everyday objects and on the physical properties of sound. Recent projects have involved popcorn, drinking straws, plastic bottles, soap, rubber bands, PVC pipes, dry ice,toy instruments, yogurt, balloons, drums, electric fans, foam, music boxes, vacuum cleaners, and gravity.

Ever Lovely Lightning Heart // Performative Installation
Everlovely Lightningheart is only a child. It feeds on its own action, a form of sugenerous self canibalism. Each action commited informs and enables the next. Activity breeds activity. It will live underground. We're hot, young and we smell good.

Robert Drummond // Installation
"Wrinkle In Time"
"Wrinkle in Time" is an interactive video work integrating LCD projection, a video camera, real-time video processing, and environmental lighting. By reading the shifting light values within the installation, which the user alters by entering the space, the installation's CPU generates coefficients to modify the self-reflective video textures.
"Wrinkle in Time" plays on Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle in that the act of observance changes that which is observed...

D. Jean Hester // Installation
man·i·fest: Clearly apparent to the sight or understanding; obvious. To show or demonstrate plainly; reveal. To be evidence of; prove. To display or present a manifest of (cargo). A list of cargo or passengers carried on a ship or plane.
An interactive installation that examines and brings to attention what an "audience" is. A durational piece, "Manifest" exists only as long as there is an audience.

"Notice" is an interactive video installation that combines playful audience-participation with video, user-submitted text (observations from daily life), and computer databases. By the simple act of being asked to share something we have noticed, we begin to notice more things. We become more tuned in to what is around us, perk up a bit, cast off the haze of modern life, and see the beautiful, frightening, profound things around us every single moment. The only way we can participate in "Notice" is to notice.

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