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Chris Badger (Ever Lovely Lightning Heart)
Faith Coloccia (Ever Lovely Lightning Heart)
Robert Drummond
D. Jean Hester
David Kendall
Civyiu Kkliu
Liam Mooney
Adam Overton
Rise Industries (Jeremy Quinn and Michele Jaquis)
Kate Stewart (Ever Lovely Lightning Heart)

Chris Badger (Ever Lovely Lightning Heart)
Bio coming soon.

Faith Coloccia (Ever Lovely Lightning Heart)
Bio coming soon.

Robert Drummond -
Robert Drummond's video installations employ various projection methods and sculptural components. He integrates video imagery with structural forms and evocative soundscapes. Montages are projected across resin figures, textured glass panels, freestanding window frames and even human models. Traveling through his video installation spaces, viewers are welcome to depart from the standard proscenium interaction of viewer and image and dissolve into a more organic universe of encompassing light beams, visceral sound and interactive, layered planes.
He graduated from Vassar with a BA in Film and Drama and he received his Master of Fine Arts degree from University of Southern California. He is credited with creating "Phoenix Crossing," the first digital video thesis at USC's School of Cinema-Television, in 1999. The experimental short has since screened at LA Film Forum, the Williamsburg Brooklyn Film Festival, the Director's Guild, the Mill Valley Film Festival, and won "Best Experimental" at the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival in 1999.
Recent installation exhibitions include the Pacific Design Center, 2002, debuting 'Abigail Dreams'. This piece is the first of his figurative rear projection sculptures. At the 'Memory Prismatic,' show in January of 2003, Drummond explored visual memory and perception, using video projections on four fifty foot screens to simulate the parallel cognitive activity taking place in the human brain. 'Emotion Anamorphic' followed in September of 2003. Showing at DCA gallery in Venice, Drummond worked with anamorphic renaissance techniques to generate distorted video imagery which, when viewed from an appropriate perspective, provides a clearly perceivable moving narrative from seemingly abstract distortions. Both the 'Memory Prismatic' and 'Emotion Anamorphic' exhibitions were featured in the LA Times.

D. Jean Hester -
D. Jean Hester is a media artist living in Los Angeles, California. Her work combines programming, databases, film, video, and performative elements to create participative/interactive pieces for physical installations, performances, and online platforms.
Hester wishes to involve users as active, thinking, engaged participant-collaborators in the creation of art. Her more recent work explores the nature of interactivity and audience/user participation. What happens when a work is no longer a stand-alone authored environment with a tightly controlled author-defined outcome? When the users themselves are contributing/collaborating through the use of interactivity? In this scenario the artist's intention is only part of the puzzle - the art does not exist until it is engaged. Without a user as a contributor, it is only a potentiality - not an actuality.
Her work has been shown in numerous exhibits, festivals, and screenings in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. She received her BFA in Cinema from the University of Southern California.

David Kendall -
David Kendall is a composer and improviser of electronic and other music from Los Angeles, California. Recent work has sought to create and organize sound from its most basic and fundamental structures. Compositions and performances are often based on the most primitive sound-making tools: clear structures without a unique meaning, or sonic complexity generated from the simplest tools. David recently earned his MFA from CalArts' Composition/New Media program where he had the pleasure to study with David Rosenboom, Mark Trayle, Michael Pisaro, and Laetitia Sonami.

Civyiu Kkliu
The work
The work is indifferent, and it is forceful, and were one to think about it visually it has a relative evenness and thickness like a cross-section of the ground, or an expanse of water. Art that matters to me is unmanageably separate from me and it is clearly itself: a visual, aural, physical monologue; a defined interminable action. There is the art like any phenomenon, and there is the witness that is affected; no exchange occurs between the two - thus respective to my work, once it is made I end up being just as separate from it, just as much the audience to it, as anyone able and choosing to get near it.
Available or Forthcoming
lll - STAALPLAAT/bake records (Amsterdam)
llllll - Banned Productions (Los Angeles)
lllllll - Bremsstrahlung (San Diego)
Ludmila Faulk (Lowercase Sound compilation) - Bremsstrahlung (San Diego)
Henryk Lees (45 Seconds Of compilation) - Simballrec Records (Los Angeles)
Marinsk Proul (Gazette compilation) - Los Angeles Free Music Society
"During the hour of 12 am, the end of a pier. Ships, anglers" (1 min. vac. compilation) - Arron Ximm (SF)
Performance no. 1 [with Ilya Monosov] (gallery . . . compilation) - Matt Wand (UK)
Composition no. 2 [with Ilya Monosov] - S'agita Recordings (Italy)
The Constable - 5, 3, 70 - contents in a box commissioned by Ilya Monosov
CK.JR.IM - self-titled collaboration, Kunstradio (Austria) broadcast
llll - in the 16 mm film "Yves" by C. Radam (Filmfestival der Filmakademie Wien 2003)
An art book of writings (34.5 x 29.5 cm, gray cloth) is currently being bound. Photographs, described as "quiet, un-alluding, with the aesthetic drama of abstract formalism," have been exhibited in galleries on the west coast of the US (San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco). Sound performances have gone on in the same cities.

Liam Mooney -
Liam Mooney is a composer (and performer) of experimental music, designer of noisy sounds, and inventor of unwieldy musical instruments. Liam was born in the mountains of Virginia sometime in the twentieth century. He stayed for a number of decades in both the mountains and the century, but he moved to a different place and time to work a bit on his music.
Though his earliest compositions were computer-based, they made heavy use of unusual (and sometimes usual) acoustic sound sources, and Liam soon sought ways to use these sources directly, without computer intervention. These efforts resulted in the formation of such groups as the Styrofoam Orchestra and the Dropping-Things-on-the-Floor Ensemble.
Liam's work continues to focus on the sonic possibilities of everyday objects and on the physical properties of sound. Recent projects have involved popcorn, drinking straws, plastic bottles, soap, rubber bands, PVC pipes, dry ice, toy instruments, yogurt, balloons, drums, electric fans, foam, music boxes, and vacuum cleaners.
Future projects could involve almost anything...

Adam Overton -
Adam Overton is a performance artist and musician from Atlanta, Georgia. He currently lives near Los Angeles, California where he is a graduate student at Calarts. Overton specializes in computer-assisted sound performance and installation, and his recent work focuses on translating the body's internal activity into sound.

Rise Industries (Jeremy Quinn and Michele Jaquis) -,
Rise Industries, co-founded by Jeremy Quinn and Michele Jaquis, is a forum for exchange between artists, designers, writers and musicians and an alias under which collaborative works are produced.
Jeremy Quinn is a Los Angeles based artist and architect interested in exploring everyday interactions and relationships - the space in between two or more different things. These relationships may be manifest between people, spaces, architectural systems, ideas, or any combination of these and other entities. His work enters into many different media, from drawing to photography and video to speculative and built architectural projects. He received his Masters of Architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture, and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Hartford, where he studied architecture and sculpture. Jeremy has shown artwork in galleries around Los Angeles, San Francisco and New England, and has worked on architectural projects on both coasts as well as in London. He is currently employed at Osborn Architects in Glendale.
Michele Jaquis is a Los Angeles based artist who combines installation, video, performance, and digital imagery to examine the complexities within personal relationships. She received her MFA in sculpture from Rhode Island School of Design and her BFA in sculpture and experimental studio from Hartford Art School. She has had solo exhibitions at The Office in Huntington Beach, as well as at Gallery 825 and The Hatch Gallery, both in Los Angeles. She has participated in various video screenings, performance events and group exhibitions across the country and has curated several video screenings and performance events in Los Angeles and New England. In addition to being a lecturer at both Otis College of Art and Design and UC Riverside, Michele is also a senior therapist and videographer/editor at the Center for Autism and Related Disorders.

Kate Stewart (Ever Lovely Lightning Heart)
Bio coming soon.

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