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"INTERCHANGE": An Evening of Interactive Performance & Installation

New Work and New Collaborations feature Audience Interactivity, Participation & Contribution

Curated by D. Jean Hester

An evening of interactive music/sound/video performance and installations. This show challenges the notion that art and performance are things to be merely watched by an audience. Instead, the audience plays a vital role in the event. Each work engages the audience to interact, participate or contribute to the creation and experience of the art.

One thing is certain about the evening - this is not art and performance that expects the audience to stay on the other side of a gallery velvet rope.


Akira Rabelais & Rise Industries (Michele Jaquis & Jeremy Quinn)
"30 Minutes from Here"
The constant desire to keep going and never reach a destination. A meditation on distance, travel, place, time, space and spending time in between.
This is a new collaboration, formed specifically to create a new performance for this event.

Josh Russell, Civyiu Kkliu, Ilya Monosov & D. Jean Hester
Untitled Performance
Artists in collaboration, an involvement with sound and color.
This is a new collaboration, formed specifically to create a new performance for this event.

Adam Overton
Adam Overton will explore consciousness and presence by leading a group meditation session with audience members. He will use fluctuations in their concentration to control and manipulate sound in a realtime performance.


JC Jaress - just added!
"Perception III"
"Perception III" is the third edition of an interactive digital installation that allows the viewer to select imagery to create over one million original compositions. Traditionally, artists would have composed the artwork and the viewer would then filter and edit that information based on their history, desires, fears and prejudices thus re-defining the space in which the artwork exists. This editing process takes place instantaneously, continuously and without conscious effort and frames the external world creating what is often referred to as reality. By exchanging active roles, "Perception III" provides the viewer, and artist, the opportunity to experience the others reality.

D. Jean Hester
"You Have All The Answers"
A trivial game based on answering questions with only a single "correct" answer... is transformed into a game with questions whose multitudes of real answers spark remembrance, regret, laughter, longing, meditation, and sorrow.