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Glenn Bach - cancelled
D. Jean Hester
JC Jaress - just added!
Civyiu Kkliu
Ilya Monosov
Adam Overton
Akira Rabelais
Rise Industries (Michele Jaquis & Jeremy Quinn)
Josh Russell

D. Jean Hester
D. Jean Hester is a media artist living in Los Angeles, California. Her work combines programming, databases, film, video, and performative elements to create participative/interactive pieces for physical installations, performances, and online platforms.
Hester wishes to involve users as active, thinking, engaged participant-collaborators in the creation of art. Her more recent work explores the nature of interactivity and audience/user participation. What happens when a work is no longer a stand-alone authored environment with a tightly controlled author-defined outcome? When the users themselves are contributing/collaborating through the use of interactivity? In this scenario the artist's intention is only part of the puzzle - the art does not exist until it is engaged. Without a user as a contributor, it is only a potentiality - not an actuality.
Her work has been shown in numerous exhibits, festivals, and screenings in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. She received her BFA in Cinema from the University of Southern California.

JC Jaress
Trained as a painter, JC Jaress has been combining images in multiple panels as a way to give a broadening definition of his ideas about mankind and instincts grounded in root level spiritual evolution.
Recently, after completing a highly involved computer program that allows others to control the panels and create personal visual dialog, he simplified and redefined his own art conclusion process. Where painting had been the end for the means of creating art, the intention, made by the choice of the content by the artist, had become the completed work. Printing became a process for interaction of the work by others, not as a guide to technical expertise.
JC Jaress' work shows not only a reflection of our societies struggle beyond tradition, but our multi-dimensional psychological powers developed in the mass-media age.
Zone 9 Art

Michele Jaquis
Michele Jaquis is a Los Angeles based artist who combines installation, video, performance, conceptual art and digital imagery to examine the complexities within personal relationships. She received her BFA in sculpture and experimental studio from Hartford Art School and her MFA in sculpture from Rhode Island School of Design. She has had solo exhibitions at The Hatch Gallery and Gallery 825, both in Los Angeles and The Office in Huntington Beach. Within the last year she has had videos screened at Consolidated Works in Seattle and Remote Lounge in New York City. Her work has also been included in group exhibitions at Quotidian Gallery in San Francisco, Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, The Latch in Los Angeles, Patricia Correia Gallery in Santa Monica, Gallery 825 in Los Angeles and Zone 9 Art Events. She is a lecturer at both Otis College of Art and Design and University of California at Riverside.
In all of Michele's work the viewer plays an integral role, fluctuating between active participant and witness to the events that transpire. The video acts not only as a document of these events but also as an event itself. Michele has said, "I want to allow others to experience a similar catharsis to what I have experienced in creating this work. Therefore, the participants and the viewers are vital."

Civyiu Kkliu
The work
The work is indifferent, and it is forceful, and were one to think about it visually it has a relative evenness and thickness like a cross-section of the ground, or an expanse of water. Art that matters to me is unmanageably separate from me and it is clearly itself: a visual, aural, physical monologue; a defined interminable action. There is the art like any phenomenon, and there is the witness that is affected; no exchange occurs between the two - thus respective to my work, once it is made I end up being just as separate from it, just as much the audience to it, as anyone able and choosing to get near it.
Available or Forthcoming
lll - STAALPLAAT/bake records (Amsterdam)
llllll - Banned Productions (Los Angeles)
lllllll - Bremsstrahlung (San Diego)
Ludmila Faulk (Lowercase Sound compilation) - Bremsstrahlung (San Diego)
Henryk Lees (45 Seconds Of compilation) - Simballrec Records (Los Angeles)
Marinsk Proul (Gazette compilation) - Los Angeles Free Music Society
"During the hour of 12 am, the end of a pier. Ships, anglers" (1 min. vac. compilation) - Arron Ximm (SF)
Performance no. 1 [with Ilya Monosov] (gallery . . . compilation) - Matt Wand (UK)
The Constable - 5, 3, 70 - contents in a box commissioned by Ilya Monosov
CK.JR.IM - self-titled collaboration, Kunstradio (Austria) broadcast
llll - in the 16 mm film "Yves" by C. Radam (Filmfestival der Filmakademie Wien 2003)
An art book of writings (34.5 x 29.5 cm, gray cloth) is currently being bound, a facsimile of a visual writing is forthcoming in a quarterly journal published in connection with Bowling Green State University (Ohio). Photographs, described as "quiet, un-alluding, with the aesthetic drama of abstract formalism," have been exhibited in galleries on the west coast of the US (San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco). Sound performances have gone on in the same cities.

Ilya Monosov
i am interested in how my ideas will interact with the works of several other artists. (some of) my works can viewed at, Printed Matter, (audio via)

Adam Overton
Adam Overton is a performance artist and musician from Atlanta, Georgia and currently resides in Valencia, California where he is a student at Calarts. Overton specializes in computer-assisted performance using the programming language SuperCollider to generate realtime sound for installation and movement. His most recent work focuses on meditation performance, where his body's internal activity is monitored with sensors and then translated by the computer into sound. Before coming to California, Overton was a volunteer board member at Eyedrum Art and Music Gallery in Atlanta. He also helped to form the Electric Arts Alliance of Atlanta (the EAAA) in 2002, a collective of Atlanta-based musicians and artists working with electronic media.

Jeremy Quinn / Rise Industries
Jeremy Quinn is an architect, visual artist and musician living in Los Angeles. As an artist and an architect, his work explores everyday interactions and relationships - the space in between two or more different things. These relationships may be manifest between people, spaces, architectural systems, ideas, or any combination of these and other entities. He recently completed his Masters of Architecture degree at The Southern California Institute of Architecture, and also holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Hartford, Connecticut where he studied architecture and sculpture. In 2000 he founded Rise Industries with partner Michele Jaquis in order to create both a forum for exchange between artists, designers, writers and musicians and an alias under which collaborative works are produced. Rise Industries work and news can be found at His artwork has been shown in galleries in Hartford, San Francisco, Long Beach and Los Angeles, and he is currently making architecture with Boto Design Architects and on his own in the Los Angeles area.

Akira Rabelais
I was born March 28, 1966 on my mother's birthday. I grew up on a racehorse in South Texas. As a child I had an early fascination with sound. Made my first musical instrument with metal plates that I strung along a fence and rang with shots from a bb gun. My sense of tonality formed in those vast desolate spaces. With the wind in the mesquite trees, the horses, coyotes and the great thunderstorms that would occasionally roll in off the Gulf of Mexico. Some years later as an undergraduate I studied composition and orchestration with Free Jazz trumpeter Bill Dixon and electronic music with Joel Chadabe. I received my masters at the California Institute of the Arts under tutelage of electronic musician Mort Subotnick and developer/recording engineer Tom Erbe. I've authored various pieces of software but my main instrument is Argeiphontes Lyre, a set of time domain filters and generators including: Evisceration Reanimation, Dynamic FM Synthesis, Time Domain Mutation, Morphological Disintegration and the Lobster Quadrille. I've released albums on Ritornell, Fallt and Orthlong Musork. Currently I live in Los Angeles.

Josh Russell
Josh Russell is a biochemist/sound artist from San Diego. His work lies in the gully between academic electro-acoustic and ambient. Inspired by the soft incidental noises that one normally filters out he distills these sounds down and composes with them. By manipulating previously recorded sounds live as well as amplifying miniature sound environments he tries to give performances that keep the listener engaged and present in the moment. He has put on a number of sound events in San Diego and Los Angeles, and has participated in events on the US west and east coast. His most recent work is available at He also runs the record label bremsstrahlung recordings (
bremsstrahlung recordings